Current State of Equipment

In order for you to keep a more informed look at where we are at in the galley (kitchen) from time to time I will post a CSE (Current State of Equipment). Hopefully this will help you understand and be more empathetic and/or sympathetic to our desire to truly bring you the best food we can based off of budget, manpower, & equipment.

Out of the normal 4 ovens, 2 are working. One was permanently removed not long after the sail to Liberia (originally it worked for a little while). One was being fixed and working on and off, but now currently does not work. And one of the two working ovens (these are the newer ovens with steam option) needs a part for the steamer option, but can still bake. BUT you should also know that one of the two ovens that work is also in the bakery. The ovens are really the backbone of our kitchen for hot food. We have other ways of cooking food but none are as productive, tasty, and/or as healthy as roasting/baking food. (the other options being boiling & frying the other two braising pans are really not big enough to cook meats for our crew unless it was done in batches, same with the fryers)

Out of two braising pans, one works.

About 100% of salad team & the baker are now non-food service volunteers. Thank You volunteers for your commitment to work in the food service during your department ‘down time’!

Hopefully this gives you an understanding of what it takes to produce good food and the extra effort and work that goes behind it!