Flip Flops... They flip and they flop

Today we had our presail breifing and our captain was giving us the run down on the rules for sailing. My favorite thing the captain said was about proper foot wear during the sail, "Flip flops, they are nothing, they flip and they flop". He has the dryest humor ever, and is practically hilarious without even knowing it.
Today was our last day to get off the ship and go into town before we sail to Liberia. SO I went out twice. First I went out with some friends and went shopping and ate a bunch of last minutes snacks that will soon be unavailable. Then I came back to the ship, cleaned up a bit and went out with some other girls for Mojitos and Sushi. Both were fantastic. When we were leaving the restraunt I heard a bunch of people yelling and realized it was a group of guys from Mercy Ships, one of which was my husband. Tyrone wasn't yelling though, he was busy ducking in his chair. I suppose he didn't want me to suggest he come home early, not that he would have anyways.

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