The lesser of two weevils...

From time to time each ship has had weevils. Usually the eggs or larvae are in flour/grain products and hatch with prolonged exposure to warm temperatures (which usually qualify us, since most of our developing country 'stops' are in hot places). So if we can't or don't control the products with normal temperatures (open for speculation) the eggs in the products hatch and you have weevils. They can be controlled or killed by taking the temperature up to 140 Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or in the freezer for 3 days will kill existing bugs and eggs that are unhatched although the dead ones are still in your food. They kinda look like a seasoning or cracked pepper until further inspection.

But the good news is THEIR HARMLESS, yes, that is correct harmless. Its just added protein. I guess if you were a vegetarian of some sort it may be a problem.

I have used a few techniques that have cut down the amount of weevils that appear in my pasta (that is what its most prevalent in right now, except maybe besides the cereal but I don't deal with that) but I must warn you, when we get on outreach and its a full-on rush to get the food out, this may fall by the wayside because it can get time intensive.

So when it comes down to not getting fed, or getting fed with weevils...the lesser of the two will be chosen. Bon Appetit!

Some pics for you to enjoy...