Ode to the CHI

Ok, here it goes. I must admit I am a bit obsessed with good hairdryers and flat irons. It stems from having weird hair. Yes, my hair is not curly but it is not straight. So before we left the states I got a new hairdryer and hair straightener ( both Chi Brand) They are wonderful and very strong, so I have found out. We have 2 converters in a container that will be here in March. Our friend let us borrow one, but with in 5 minutes my hair dryer blew it up, literally. It started to smoke. So ever since my hair has been a frizzy mess. Although in a moment of brilliance I thought of a great plan. My friend Kathy who is going to the States for 3 months has an English flat iron that will not need an adapter or converter. So we will swap. I am VERY EXCITED!!!