Response #1

We are currently able to have fresh lettuce (from what I can see for the most part) while here in Tenerife.  From my prior experience in being in Liberia I know that if fresh lettuce or spinach (if you could get that lucky) even if it were available would only come in lump sums at the most to feed 100 people (and thats probably an exaggeration).

I have not seen such bulk spinach here in Tenerife (even at the Makro, spelling?).

Mostly fries/chips will probably be fried at this point, occasionally fish.  But I think potatoes will indeed mostly be boiled or baked.  And that does include scalloped and other styles which are still baked.  One is considered the style and the other is considered the method. Occasionally I am sure they may be fried a certain way like 'homestyle' or wedges.