Response #2

So I have this stuff to make custard. Yes, I know it was not as you may have liked it...but I have to learn to use some of the things on board because I am not familiar with them. Like the custard powder I used for custard tonight. I know how to make custard from scratch...but I don't know how to use some of these mixes, powders, or instant things that make life easier in the kitchen. But thats how you learn. Trial and was a success with some, and a few errors for others.

During the meal I did actually reference a few people of British persuasion what they thought and they gave me good feedback: too thick, but don't make it too runny & it was too sweet.

For the Americans and others here was some feedback: Where's the whip cream? No toppings? Why was it hot/warm?

So here was/is my basic plan: Serve it hot (after I get the right consistency and sugar content) for the people that like it that way, and then prepare it 'pudding style' (cold and thick) with additional 'dessert' like additives for the 'other' people.

But please do realize when I do serve it hot it really does start out a thinner consistency then builds to a thicker one while it sits in those heated pots/dishes.  There were literally no measurements to the directions on the product.  Its all guesswork.

I would like to thank Noah Peet for his input and giving me better instructions on how to fix the custard. Thank You Noah!

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