Response #3

Roast Beef

About Roast Beef...

From ship to ship and at the IOC we have some similiar cuts of meat and some that range a bit beyond what is normally seen.  So, as you can imagine I have to learn how to work with the food after seeing its various cooking 'personalities' what it will and won't do for me, and what I may have to force upon it by method of rubs, brines, and marinades. 

I am not quite happy with the beef used for Roast Beef yet, and as you bare with me I will be applying other 'tricks of the trade' so to speak to see what I can get this beef to do for me...its much like getting old circus animals to do new tricks for a new ringmaster.

Also, we are looking into getting some horseradish for a nice sauce, we do not have any horseradish at present.

That being said, a nice meat slicer would accomodate us quite nicely...