Stephanie's plight...Tyrone's ramblings

So Stephanie has been working on her social skills today and has been thrilled at the new prospects of girlfriends that are available and have already told me she'll not be pining away in our cabin for me on Saturday...I may be working or I may be off but in any case, I can 'hang' with the boys and/or get some reading done.

Right now we are at the ships 'internet cafe' browsing, emailing, or blogging away while our clothes are on the 'dryer' cycle in the onboard laundry mat. It's free, but you need to sign up for a laundry 'slot' and make sure and be on time and prompt with moving your clothes along from washer to dryer and on out...oh, and make sure you have your own laundry detergent too.

Work was good today and I will be posting more work-related things on the AFM menu which is posted right to the righthand side in the 'currently reading' section. As Stephanie alluded to in her post my reputation proceeds me from the other ships and the land base for Mercy Ships, BUT I am not a Rock Star as she put it...I am trying to stay humble and live up to the hype and expectations which becomes harder and harder (ok, maybe not...but the job is harder with positions that need to be filled and equipment that needs to be replaced that is ALREADY BROKE or gone).

Of course, the British on board hold a strong liking for Mel from England who comes and goes from year to year always to the approval of his eagerly awaiting fan club. This is good, because we both need a break from time to time and the ship needs some skilled, talented, and trained cooks...along with replacing the non-working equipment.

Today I was working with Ernest (a Team Leader because they have two teams that rotate in the kitchen), a good friend that I worked with before on the Anastasis. He's from Ghana.  Here he is at the 'internet cafe'.

Claire from Scotland (another nurse that we both know from the Caribbean Mercy days) is staying on board as a guest for a week, so it will be good to catch up with her as time permits.

Right now Stephanie is working in Crew Services since the actual hospital is not cranked up yet (that's what happens to medical personnel when not in outreach port, they get doled out to the other departments to work) no slackers here! Work for everyone.

I was able to poke fun of Stephanie a little as I was exempt from a lot of orientation and safety meetings she had to attend as I went thru most of the routines for the new ship (Africa Mercy, the one we are on now) back in May when they flew me to England to ride/work the ship down to was a long month apart for Stephanie and I being fairly newlyweds.

Well, the laundry is done, and its getting late.