The Taj Mahal

So we made it to the Ship with all of our luggage, Praise the Lord. Tyrone is still not feeling well (He has had a cold for about 4 days) and now his ears are giving him trouble due to the multiple take offs and landings. When we landed in Tenerife the feeling of relief swept over my body. We are finally here. We will have the same cabin (Lord willing) for one year. I finally feel like I can settle in. We have been planning on coming to the ship since February, so we have been in transition period since then. When I walked into our new cabin I got goose bumps. partially due to the freezing air conditioning, but mostly due to the beauty of our new home. We both lived on the Caribbean Mercy and were used to living in a junky, old, shoe box, but this is clean, new, spacious and organized. We both have our own night stands and closets!!!!!!! Praise the Lord. And in the closet there are 4 shelves. All my stuff neatly fits on to the appropriate shelf. Plus we have a desk with plenty of shelves and our bed has massive storage underneath. I am so thankful for the beautimus living space. Please pray for us and the ability for us to adjust to the time change and our new environment, plus I would really like some girl friends.