Tears of Laughter

Last night Tyrone and I went out with Tatyana, Rodrigo,(Taty and Rodrigo are married and have baby Estevam, 5 months) and Jan (Pronounced Yawn, is married to Elizabeth and has daughter Isabella, almost 2 years) all of which we know from the Caribbean Mercy. We went out in a rental car to our favorite place to eat, we call it the Meter Place, cause all the food comes out on meter boards. We thought it would be easier to take the car than to walk, but we were very wrong. Rodrigo was driving (aka zipping) around looking for a parking space, while the other boys were telling him to slow down, turn port side or starboard side. It was a mess. The whole evening was full of laughter and tears (of laughter). Those boys are a very funny combo, I have heard that the only thing funnier is to add their Australian friend Jon into the mix.