To Clarify...

My original Current State of Equipment post (the very first one) has caused some questions about how the equipment is running...the equipment in the kitchen is running fine except for oven number 3 seems to have a mind of its own and is real loud (But I posted 2 days later to also say the 3rd oven had been fixed on the 21st of January)...Peter (my boss) told me that the right side braising pan did not work (when I first came) but there was a work order in for it, BUT apparently it was fixed some time back and Peter was not aware of it, so neither was I.
These posts are just made as general knowledge and to let the crew know where we stand when we are trying hard to put out quality meals that everyone enjoys, or at least most people enjoy. hahaha!
And I have enjoyed Glen L. checking up with us several times to make sure things are running right.  Thanks to Glen we can steam the vegetables again! (that post was on the 29th, the part came in!)  Kevin was fixing the tilt feature on braising pan number 1 when I first started working.
Arthur, Kevin, Glen have all been great and have a lot more to do on the ship than serve the galley...but make sure and appreciate them as they have been a great service to us in Food Service!