You smell the way I want you to smell.




In our time in  Huntsville, we have been able to hang out with my niece (Katie,9) Nephews (Noah, 7 and VJ ,18 months). They all are so individual and delightful... most of the time. Katie is so smart, inquisitive, and Noah would say BOSSY. We play games together, currently the favorite is Trouble in the bubble. The other day we painted her nails and it only took 1 hour, due to the multiple retouches. Noah is FUNNY. He says things like "Your my favorite Auntie because you smell the way I want you to smell."  (He has a thing for perfume, I think). He loves movies and he loves to re-in-act them even more. As soon as the movie is over he runs into his room and replays the whole movie while admiring his shadow. VJ has newly discovered the world of walking and mischeif. He got a rocking horse for Christmas and he loves to give it "loves" and make nay sounds.

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