Zoo? Brazilians? Black Sand?

Well now I have some pictures up that I can give you a link to and they connect to the following posts in the past:

In this post Stephanie talks about a zoo that is called Loro Parque which I now have extensive pictures on...this trip was given to Mercy Ships crew for a very good discount, we even had a chartered coach bus for transportation there and back, it was in Porto De La Cruz. Which you will also see the birds that flew around during a show that Stephanie was squawking about.  There are many pictures of Mercy Ships crew at the park as well.  People we see and work with everyday on the ship.

The picture album includes spending the day with our 'just returning with new baby' Brazilian friends (originally met on the Caribbean Mercy) Rodrigo, Tatyana, and Estevam (here is an earlier post that alludes to their return). We rode around with them while they purchased items for family living on board. Things like 1400 diapers to last for the year while trying to evaluate the growth of the baby in order to get the right size diapers for the right period of time.

We also stopped by a nice beach...here the sand is black from the volcanoes. Its natural to them, but kind of weird for us.