10 years in the making

In 1998 I felt called to join the Africa Mercy as a nurse in Africa (which they had just bought and hadn't even started renovating). Little did I know this dream would be realized 10 years later. In those 10 years I went to nursing school, worked at many hospitals in many different specialties, worked on the Caribbean Mercy, got married, and moved many, many times. So here I am, on board the Africa Mercy, out in the middle of the ocean, on our way to Liberia. In some ways I feel so prepared for the next 10 months, but mostly I know that I will need to depend on God more than ever. I will see things and experience things that I never have before. The nurses that have been here for the last outreach talk about how the nursing care is so basic, but the emotional stress is very complex and strenuous. So please pray for our crew, we will need it.