The difference...

The difference between soup or sauce is usually the difference between lunch and supper. (or dinner if you want)

The round pot containers that we usually serve soup in for lunch are occasionally used for sauce at the evening supper/dinner.  There is hardly ever a time I will use the pots to serve a soup at supper/ rest assured it is a sauce of some sort.

A refresher - Please do not put pressure on our dining room staff to 'produce' a hot meal for you during lunch time.  Lunch time usually has hot foods (leftovers or re-creations) but the default when hot foods disappear during lunch is still the sandwich options and cold salads & fruits (and soup if it is still available).

If you feel you have a valid complaint send it to me thru the comment option/venue, if you would like a personal reply be sure to include your email.  Please respect our dining room staff & galley workers by directing your concerns to Peter or myself.

Once again, thanks to all the wonderful comments  to food service and continue to encourage our cooking groups and dining room staff!  It makes for a more enjoyable meal for all!

It makes...

The Difference!