General Response - Clarification

In an earlier blog post I stated that "I don't usually have foods out at the end of a meal that were different at the beginning of the meal" if I could help it, and if it wasn't a 'leftovers' meal.

BUT what I failed to mention is I was ONLY pertaining to dinner/supper NOT lunch.  Lunch is a great way to use up leftovers, recreate new dishes from cooked foods we already have, or even use multiple items of small quantity to 'push thru' so to speak. So in that aspect yes, you will get different foods from time to time at the beginning and ending of lunch.

Thats the way it is...but what food is actually considered 'the best' is purely speculation, now isn't it?  I have complaints both ways...I got something so/so or that I hate at the start of dinner only to have something better come out at the end, and vise versa.  But hopefully we are moving along for others to eat and not eating in the dining room during the whole time...prefering others!

Crew Galley is still open to all!

Many families come to the line and pick out what they want for dinner and then take it back to the Crew Galley and recreate something they like, or use it in another dish...thats initiative!