Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf & U.S. President George Bush

This week (and some of last) has been pretty non-stop for me in the galley.  We have had stores from a container (cargo day is what its called) come in thru our cargo hole by crane on pallets so the galley has been busy making time to help with putting the stores or sundries some might say. 

Our special function food preparation has gone something like this:
Operations Director and family went back to New Zealand to head up office there, going away party with plenty of 'finger foods' appetizers...

Don & Deyon Stephens (President and Founder of Mercy Ships) dinner on board with the Liberian Vice-President and guests (Don even made a little call to the galley to make sure he could get last minute guests, no problem)...

Last Tuesday Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came for a visit and we prepared 'function food' for the Civic & Media event (100+) and still put dinner out a little late (no-ones fault, these events take time and we only have so much space on board, the President already had a full entourage)

Last Wednesday was a Pastor's event for which we also prepared 'function food' (100+) and put dinner out after that was over...

And tomorrow, Saturday, Solfrid our Executive Director is also leaving (it is the completion of her time here) so we will once again pull out all the stops and work together with hospitality to make it a party to remember and enjoy the food.

And of course we had the usual galley and meals to run during this time.

Our usual food menu is what we have to draw from in order to put out our fancy finger food and/or appetizers so it really helps if we have (and helps produce) a creative mind to put together some real nice stuff, thats right I said it, 'stuff'!  I will talk about food, menu's, and function food another back to the two (or possibly three if you considers the Mercy Ships President) Presidents...

Don & Deyon, and Solfrid were invited to the Executive Mansion on Thursday (yesterday) for the dinner with President Bush and President Sirleaf.  When President Bush took off his jacket and was going down from the gazebo type dinner setting to dance with the woman (who was dancing as part of the whole event) Don & Deyon, and Solfrid moved in to get pictures...And apparently someone else got some video which shows Deyon and Soflrid in the background getting closer to take the pictures while President Bush was dancing.

I personally can't view the video yet, probably has something to do with slow computer or bandwidth, but enjoy!  Don actually did get called up later to meet with President Bush and have a few introductions and President Bush thanked Don & Mercy Ships for once again helping out.  We heard and saw pictures of some of the event Don & Deyon Stephens attended when they later spoke in our Thursday night community meeting on board the ship.  Don said a few times...'it was a long day' or 'it was quite a day'...

I second that thought with, 'Its been a busy time since we hit the ground here in Liberia!'

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