My head is Foggy

This weekend has been very busy, wonderful, and meaningful and has left me feeling like my head is full of fog. This weekend I went to the market with Tyrone and 5 other Mercy Shippers. I am still processing all of that. The tremendous amount of noise alone was overwhelming in itself.  There are an incredible number of taxis that are obsessed with honking  their horns about every 3 seconds. And there is music playing and so, so many people (ranging from very young to very old). There "market is this sunken in sand pit/ mud pit/ cess pool of sorts that has stand after stand of African necessities. This market sells fabric (which a lot of girls buy then have clothes and bags made), cooking products and utensils, clothes, shoes, etc. At one point we were looking at a guys stuff that was in wheel barrel and all of the owners of the stuff started to yell and move very quickly. I turned around and saw the Liberian police officer coming very quickly and he was kicking all of the stands down that were to close to the road. We skedaddled out of the way.

I have spent so much time researching what it would be like in Africa. I think I was as ready as I would ever be, but I am still recovering from the mass amount of sadness I felt for these people that live in such epidemic poverty. A we drove down the road you could see the bullet holes from the not so distant civil war. And it is so obvious the pain that the Liberians have experienced even by the fine lines on their children's faces.

Since the ship has been here just 2 months ago, a lot of roads have been paves ( by the Chinese), street lights have been put up and many gas stations have been put in. So , yes, Liberia is progressing and rebuilding. Thank you Jesus.