Power tools

Happy Valentines Day!!! I have yet to spend time with my precious hubby yet today, but I hope to later in the evening. I feel like it has been so busy lately. Last night we had a medical reception the us nurses had to serve at and Tyrone had to make some of the food. They invited many nurses, Dr.s and hospital personnel to let them know what we do and don't do so referrals will be handled properly. My friend Vera and I stood at the top of the gangway and greeted our guests. We even wore official uniforms (mine was borrowed). It was nice outside too. We got to watch the sun set and there was a nice breeze. We were sure we had the best job.

 Today we had our official ward nurse picture and then we played games on the dock with all the nurses to get to know each other. There are about 50 of us form 30 countries. In the afternoon Maria and I got handed a power drill and were instructed to drill holes in the metal walls to hang the glove box holders. After a few errors ( one was hung sideways and one was hung upside down) we mastered the skill and placed most of them up on their respective new homes. We were very proud of ourselves.