One of my favorite things about living on the ship is the relationships. I am so incredibly blessed to have friends on the ship that have known me for a long time, people that knew me single and wild and know how much I have grown. My friend that I have mentioned before from Brazil is so good at reminding me how much I have gown in the past 4 years. She knows a different side of me that my new friends don't know. But, I relish in connecting with people and I have found in the past month I have made some real connections that I truly treasure. Sometimes I just feel a peace with certain people and truly connect after a short time of knowing them. I really think this God. I think He puts people in our lives to help us along with our journey and to grow closer to Him. Praise Jesus!!

This weekend I spent a lot of time with my friends. On Saturday a bunch of girls went out to this nice Lebanese place that had excellent food, but the best part was being of the ship with my friends and hearing their stories and learning more about who they are.

Today I went to the beach, but you can't really tell. I was wanting to work on my tan, but I put on too much sunscreen and I reapplied it too often. So I sweat-ed like crazy, but there is not much to show for it. Th beach.... in one word is dirty. Yes, the water is mighty grimy and obviously dirty. But the whole experience was super fun!!!

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