Response #5

On the lighter side of things:

Some of you say 'more potatoes' some say 'more rice' I say, "I must not be doing enough pasta if I can't get anyone to complain about it!!!" hahaha, it's just a joke.

On a more serious note:

Fresh & Raw Vegetables:

The direct answer is: Hope you enjoyed the variety of the salads & produce in Tenerife because it's not going to be the same here in Liberia. Mostly cabbage, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots...anything else is probably a pure bonus.


The country does not support the variety and/or bulk we would like.

Some of you might say, 'I saw this and that, here and there (like a store or market)' I would encourage you, to buy it for yourself and enjoy it. At this time I can't foresee more variety of raw/fresh vegetables/produce, because they can't sell enough of it for us to feed more than a fraction of the crew. And realistically it would not be feasible to have someone running around the country gathering here and there for just one meal of lettuce or celery (for example). I am not being sarcastic, I am just explaining as direct and forward as I can. (Perhaps maybe if the UN could bend their rules a little to let us use their supplier, but that is purely speculation on my part.)

Several of us have been here before (my first time in 2005) so we have a pretty good idea of what's out there and how much we can get comparing notes from each return visit.

So please continue to give the galley crew (cooking crews, salads, baker, dishwashers...) encouragement and support so they can continue to feel good about the job they are doing with the limitations they have (that is no one's fault).

I am happy/pleased to say that I have overheard several of you complimenting and encouraging our crews for the hard work and excellent meals they have been putting out. Of course, I enjoy your compliments but I am very happy to see you pass them along so I can reap the reward of joyful kitchen/galley workers by your kind words to them.