Response #7

I have two statements based on the comments entered recently:

I am trying to monitor the 'spice' = heat that is being applied to the food,  I still want it to be 'spicey' as in herbs and spices, but not as 'spicey' = hot!  Yes, I also want to control or decrease the heat in some of our food items.  We are trying to be more conscious of this.

Also, we are talking about and discussing the need NOT to feel like everything needs to be cooked to 'death' so to of the things that really hurt us in this area is cooking foods that will sit on the line or warmer for an hour and a half!  But we require these mealtime hours in order to cover everyone that needs to eat and the dining room space for all who are aboard.  So in essence, we cook the food, it goes downstairs and continues to cook in the warmer and on the line...the faster we can move people thru the line at dinner the better chance of having a fresher and faster rotation of food that has not cooked as long.

I am also working with the idea of cooking in two waves but I am not sure right now how well or feasible that is with our cooking equipment and 'human' resources...working in the galley can easily become an all-consuming

job and my guys(and gals) need their breaks and dinners there has to be a balance in this, and rest assured we are looking at and working on one!