On Wednesday I was officially in the Medical department. I left crew services and instead of cleaning the common living areas, I am now cleaning the ward. We are unpacking the wards from the sail. It is a large task. I have really enjoyed spending time with some of the nurses. I haven't really gotten to know many of  the nurses up until now. Sometimes it is really a blessing to be able to connect with other women about personal things and sometimes even help calm some anxieties. I am really enjoying it.

Today I helped unpack the ward this morning and then in the afternoon I made signs for the open house (of the hospital) with Karoline and Sarah. We chatted and laughed and made some signs too.

After dinner I went for a walk on the dock with  Megahn. We have this really nice long dock and we walk up and down it and sown to the gate, although there are a lot of men doing their version of a cat call. Anyways off to community meeting.