Today's the day

Yesterday was orientation for all of the translators and ward day workers (Liberians that work on the ship as translators, housekeepers, kitchen help, etc...) and in the afternoon we had a get togetherz(I mad 3 types of cookies for 100 people) with all the nurses. It was so incredible. We were all paired up, and were to ask each other questions and get to know each other and then introduce them to the group. It was so neat to hear them all say their favorite thing about Liberia. They said thing like " I love the ability the Liberians have to forgive each other", that statement wrenched my heart, knowing that the woman who said that lost most of her family in the civil war. I can't imagine knowing that the person that killed my whole family lives down the street from me and I don't know if I could ever have it in my heart to truly forgive the person who took the lives of my family. Praise God for the Liberian people who choose to forgive. At end of the gathering we closed with singing a song about the goodness and grace of God, it was incredibly moving.

Today is our first day of surgery. I am working evening shift today, and I am so excited to get back to bedside sursing. Please pray for us as surgeries continue and the ward fills up. Please pray against emergencies and pray for more ortho patients and more maxoficial patients. We have plenty of surgical openings left in these 2 areas. Thank you.