Woo stinkin' Hoo











Today at 0830 we arrived to Monrovia, Liberia. As we arrived they were setting up for a ceramony and we all stood out on the decks and waved to some Mercy Shippers and local Liberians. As I stood there I was quite overwhlemed for a moment. I started to think about what this country has gone through in the last decade and all the help that is needed for it to recover. I also pondered on the idea that I get to be a part of the solution. They need health care and more particularlly they need surgeries. Durring the civil war almost all of the Physicians left the country. Now there is a big white ship that offers some of the services they reguire. As I am standing on deck 7 pondering all of this my hair is frizzing up by the minute and rivers of sweat are running down my legs that are coverd by a long skirt that is covering my knees (knees in Liberia are considered "rude bits" are never to be shown in public) and I recite my montra "I will prevail" .  I also know that I will be a part of bringing hope and healing to those of Liberia. Woo stinkin hoo!!!

The pictures above are of the cre and some of the people on the dock that were a part of the celebration.

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