B is for Baby

One of the weird things (there are many) on the ship is that even on your time off you hear about the new patients, the emergencies, and the funny things that are going on in the ward. When you live literally 200 feet from the ward it is easy to go down on my time off to see what is going on. Earlier in the day I heard we got 2 more babies on the ward. Actually, it is the mom who is having surgery, but the 2-week old twins are with her. I walked down to B ward and was taken back when I opened the door and heard 3 babies crying. It was music to my ear, mostly because I knew that I would be able to hold one of them. I picked up Anthony who is 10 days old and he instantly calmed down and nestled into my chest. He was brought to the ship when he was 6 days old with a condition in which his spinal cord was exposed in a little sack and was becoming infected. Now, little itty bitty Anthony is on the ward. after his surgery a couple of days ago, getting antibiotics and spoiled by all the nurses that crave baby time like I. Stephanie