Ciatta went home....




Let's be honest, not many patients that come back from the OR on a ventilator, on the ship, have happy endings to their story. Ciatta came into the ship very sick, but yesterday she went home with her family and she looks wonderful. I had the privilege to get to know her and her 4 children and husband over the past week, and they really are lovely people. Today she came back to the ship to have her dressing changed ans her wound looked a (which is fine-o) and she brought me an African dress, skirt, shirt, ans head wrap. When she told me she wanted to but me a suit I cried ans she wiped my tears ans told me she loved me. When she introduces me to people she says I am her white daughter. When she took my "measurements" she told me to stand up ans turn around and told her husband to byt a dress and my size is "plenty, plenty". Which apparently is very large. Pretty much it just made me laugh.

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