Tuesday evening I was assigned to D ward and I had one of the Academy students (the school for the kids on board) as a job shadow. KimAna's family served on the Caribbean Mercy when we were there and now are on the Africa Mercy. She is 15 and is interested in being a nurse, she will be following Megan and I for 7 shifts. We received report, started our assessments, charting, vital signs, and of course held the babies.

Around 5pm we heard that we were getting an ICU patient with a Dental infection (big surprise). She came in and was having a hard time breathing. All the Doctors came in and we got her ready for emergent surgery.

We went to dinner and when we got back the patient was on her way back. Her name is Ciatta, she has 4 children and a husband for 13 years, that loves her so much that when he saw her after surgery he threw himself on the floor out of despair. Ciatta came back from the OR still intubated ( breathing tube in her nose and on a ventalator). We got her settled by putting her on sedation meds ans morphine for pain control. We placed all the tubes that are normal for a intubated patient. KimAna got to see a lot.

 The next day we both came back bright and early for morning shift. Ciatta looked much better. By late morning we started taking out all the tubes we placed the night before, including the breathing tube. Ciatta made a wonderful recovery. She sat up in a chair and was even transferred out of  the ICU.

At the end of the day I was blessed by Ciatta. I got to see the whole process including the recovery, what a blessing.