Culinary Mystery

Here on the ship we have a smaller galley for individuals and families that want to cook their own food.  As an inheritance of small tools & devices from the 'cleaning out' of that area I have acquired a kitchen 'tool' that has been a mystery so far... (you can click on the pictures to see them bigger)

I asked (by email) a good friend Bob A Hunger Artist what did he make of the picture I sent him to which he sent out an email requesting the help of several of his food-centric friends.  In addition to this, he also posted this on his blog (which by the way gets way more traffic than my site does, by 'food' people at that!), and right away (or at last count) the first original post garnered 28 comments, mostly suggestions and humorous cracks.

Then Stephen The Foodist & Scotty Cooking In Theory & Practice also picked up the story...and later at Scotty's request, I produced another picture for him and Bob that suggests the proper 'right side up' look of the tool.

Stephen went so far as to inquire of the English (can't remember exact office) about the registered number posted on the tool...and we are currently awaiting an answer on that!  And for those of you who are curious, this is the only and exact writing on it:  REGD 911032 made in England.

So a final answer has not been forthcoming, and I am still enquiring from people here on board the ship since I have at least 30 nationalities represented on board at any one time...

Irritating as it may be (to us) it may be that this tool was really useless or does not work adequately, or maybe it's not even made anymore?  Which would explain why none of us know what it is, because we only remember the 'good stuff, the stuff that works.  And maybe sometimes the stuff that works so bad or was such a terrible idea that you can't forget it! (laughing)

A big 'thank you' to Bob at A Hunger Artist for kicking things off!  As well as The Foodist & Cooking In Theory & Practice for also helping out...BUT we are still looking for an answer out there!

Do you know what it is?