I hope Don can take a joke...

Mercy Ships founders and president, Don & Deyon Stephens were on board for some time which included the visits I blogged about earlier.  During this time there was a dinner for some distinguished guests that I was preparing for (outside of the regular 400 plus crew).  Don called the galley to speak with me about adding some guests.  Fine, no problem...having a restaurant & catering background we always plan for overage or surprises.

Thinking nothing more about the phone call we completed the meals and later that night I went back to my cabin after work. I noticed a message was left on my cabin phone (because Stephanie hasn't really gotten used to checking or retrieving messages) so I played the message for the both of us.  It was really quite simple it was basically a repeat of what Don asked me when he called the kitchen/galley only he probably called our cabin first.

After I played the message I just couldn't stop laughing and Stephanie wanted to know what was wrong with me so I explained...

Stephanie complained and voiced her disapproval of my several various attempts at being funny or informative in recording our message for the answering part of our telephone.  It was either too long, crazy, and/or she thought my various attempts were not so funny.  So finally I resorted back to a 'saying' that started on the Caribbean Mercy when we showed disapproval for something that we didn't like which is, 'Imakickyahead!' and translated to: I am going to kick your head.

So the phone answering message that Don got was:

Leave a message or Imakickyahead!!!

Don has a sense of humor, but I wonder what he thought about that!

(I am sure Stephanie was proud of me for that one too, NOT!)