A Walk To Beautiful...

Stephanie and I both saw a movie here on board that will soon be playing on PBS in the states, which I will soon give you information about.  http://www.walktobeautiful.com/   -  http://www.fistulafoundation.org/movies/screening.html  We were able to view and see the movie because of Dr. Steve Arrowsmith (who is currently here on board).  Bio available here at this link: http://www.globalhealth.org/pop_ups/events/steven_arrowsmith.html

We would both strongly recommend you see this movie, it is not Mercy Ships affiliated except for Dr. Steven being Vice President for International Program Development for the Worldwide Fistula Fund, and we do these same surgeries here on board the ship for the women of West Africa and in a clinic in Sierra Leone.  This movie will definitely help open your eyes to life changing operations that we have eradicated altogether in richer parts of the world.  Fistula what?  What is that?

I (me Tyrone, being the guy that I am) was even moved by the emotion and power that this one surgery or hope that these woman have can mean so much...so its not just for the women to watch or understand!  And even how sometimes it takes more than one surgery!

Broadcast Premiere

  • NOVA on PBS
        May 13, 2008 -  Check your local listings or go to pbs.org for details