I have had quite a few comments about yogurt but here is a general reminder:

Yogurt is like oatmeal, if it's done it will be a volunteer that will have to work around our limitations. I know maybe you have been in our kitchen/galley...if you have, you see our galley is even smaller than the ANA with more people to feed.

Last I heard someone was supposed to take over for the last person who was making it volunteer-ely (if that's a word) doing it on the weekend out of the way of the cooking teams & dining room working hours.

Also, we (galley/dining room) are not in charge of any part of it and can not be pulled away from our work hours to assist you, every working person in food services is precious and their time during work is precious...if you would like to be that volunteer you need to contact a previous volunteer that can show you how to make it, take care of it, and overall be totally responsible for it within the basic guidelines AND permissions for galley and dining room use. (because the warmers that are used for the yogurt are in the dining room).

Otherwise, you are free to enjoy the yogurt cups that we supply from time to time...no it may not have that 'fresh made' yogurt nutritional health, but it does taste good every now and then when you really start missing that yogurt taste!