The Culinary Challenge Has Begun!

Dear Crew,

The Culinary Challenge has officially begun! The three teams/participants entered are:

- Tatyana Silva

- Mark and Peggy Shrime

- Josh Becker and Peter Fullerton

These contestants, using ingredients available onboard, will create a full meal (main entrée, side dish, and vegetable) and submit it for tasting and judgment on Saturday, April 26th in the Dining Room at 13:00 (1pm).

The judging panel will be decided this week but all crew is invited to come to join in the fun!

The judges will decide the top two entrants who will then move on to assisting the cooking teams in preparing their meal for the entire crew. This will happen back to back on Saturday, May 10th, and Sunday, May 11th (this is the Saturday and Sunday of the 4 day ships holiday). You, as a crew, will then be able to judge for your favorite of the two meals to determine the ultimate champion by voting on the AFM Menu blog that is accessible from the Intranet Main Page. You will have until Monday night to vote. The winner will be announced Tuesday morning at the 07:45 Community Prayer and Communication Meeting.

Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions.