Potatoes, what it takes...

Freddie brings up usually at least 100 kilos (220 pounds) of potato for 400 plus people.

Hand picked over by several galley staff. Rinsed. Then the potatoes are machine washed. Yes thats right, machine washed. (no not the potato peeler, we do have an automatic one of those which we may discuss in another post)

Then picked over again. Rotten spots cut off, eyes gouged out, and panned up in steamer pans and then baked. It takes at least an hour maybe more to bake them all. The steamer pans are used so the air circulates more fully when baking the potatoes.

Can you guess which kind of machine we use to clean hundreds of kilos/pounds of potato in one afternoon in order to make a lovely dinner? (leave answer by commenting)

Michal & Jean hard at work...

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