Response #8 / Signs

SIGN SAYS: When the doors are closed please do not enter. The floors are being cleaned. Thank you!!!
Comment: It would be usefull if the staff opened them after they have finished cleaning the floors.

Fair enough, so lets say that dining room doors are closed until 8:30pm after supper/dinner and you are expected not to enter or open the doors during this time UNLESS the dining room staff leaves the doors open?

A lot of our frustration comes not from what the circumstances are, but If we change the rule, will people actually feel inclined to follow it when they don't follow it now?

Please take into consideration that it takes awhile for the floors to actually dry after being cleaned, and it is a LOT of floor. In addition to that they have a real hard time actually keeping people out so that prolongs the cleaning period, which effects the drying time...

Patience (as in many other departments) is the key/virtue to waiting for the work to be done, and then you have to ask yourself...why do I really need in the dining room? ~ filtered water is available behind the cafe ~

JUST for fun, here are some of the top excuses for not following that particular sign/rule (which are unacceptable by the way):
1. I don't like the way the water tastes from the other filtered source
2. I'm on night shift/or shift worker
3. I'll only be a minute
4. I have a family
5. I am medical/nurse/doctor
6. I have a table tennis/ping pong match
7. I just want to watch the TV
8. I don't have a kettle for hot water to make my tea

*Unless it is a life or death emergency ALL of these excuses have no reasonable bearing for not waiting the 2 hours from 6:30pm to 8:30pm before entering the dining room.

And as always if you have approval by Peter or Ken ahead of time, then yes, it will not apply to you for that period of time. HR, for example has approved time in the dining room (either by Ken or Peter or both) for the new crew on Monday nights after their arrival.