Some Assembly Required...(hint, hint, Katy)

This Sunday we will have another go at Semi-Vegetarian Night.

What's semi?  Its when you can eat the whole meal without actually choosing a meat because its an option to go with the rest of the meal. So you can still have a wonderful dinner without relenting to your carnivorous side. (but still have that option).

Last Semi-Vegetarian Night we had a little confusion. Yes, the potatoes were baked in the oven, but no, I did not mean for them to be peeled. But sometimes its too late when a mistake is realized, and apparently I didn't use the English term 'jacket potatoes' otherwise they may have understood me quicker. But no worries...

The real confusion came at assembly.

Apparently some people came thru the line oblivious to the fact that you should ASSEMBLE, that's right 'build' your potato up with toppings making a wondermashedmartini_smallful mountain of a meal, loaded baked potato style!!! And after seeing several other peoples plate resembling a loaded baked potato realized what they were missing. But it was too late.

So this Sunday we will be having the Mashed Potato Bar with toppings (sorry no martini glass supplied), and side dishes of mixed vegetable  and lentils cooked by our very own on site vegetarian Michal. So just remember...

Some Assembly Required.

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