Some things are universal

It is easy to get caught up in the differences between here on the ship and back at home. The phrases "Only in Africa" or "That's Mercy Ships for ya" or "Welcome to Mercy Ships" are used frequently to express the differences that are obvious. But lately I have found myself saying "some things are universal".
I have compiled a list:
1.Little boys love to play with toy cars, even if they have never even seen one before. They instinctively know how to make very realistic car noises and they always have their cars crash over and over again.

2.As soon as the house keepers/ translators mop the floor someone tromps through it, almost immediately.

3. When kids are surrounded with attention they get spoiled... imagine that.

4. Dr's never use enough tape on dressings.

5. Kids always test the limits.

6. Men pee on the side of the road without hesitation.

7. Women are dramatic.

8. Kid's are super cute no matter where they are.

This is Massa. She is here for plastic surgery due to a burn on her chest and arm pit. Her mama couldn't stay on the ship, so she is a little love bug and loves to snuggle.

A bunch of the patients looking out into the city of Monrovia.

This is Kollie, he is from Guinea and he only speaks French but is easy to communicate with through playing. I learned that is favorite color is blue (he only chose the blue blocks), he loves bubbles, and is a very energetic child. He, like Sadiatu, has a Meningiocele. But he has not had his operation because the Dr. Gary is waiting to talk to a Dr. is Germany about the procedure. Please be praying for Kollie that the Dr's would have the wisdom and knowledge on what to do.

This Sadiatu, she is 18 months old. She had a repair of Meningiocele. She is checking out her new look. I was able to take off her huge bandage that covered most of her face for the last 8 days. She and her mom will fly back to Sierra Leone on Sunday.

This is Alfred, I written about him before. He is very dramatic, but also very smart. When I make him use his crutches and actually get out of bed he waits for someone to walk near us in the hallway and screams "Your killing me". My response was "Alfred, do I have a gun?" He says "no." I say "Do I have a knife?". He says "No." I said " So I am not killing you, I am making you walk to make you strong." He has a crush on one of the nurses, when she is around he is a different kid, he is all oogly googly.