I have fallen head over heels in love with this sweet 6 year old boy,Garpueh. When he first came to the ship he barely said a word. I was his nurse for 4 shifts and spent as much time as I could with him. We colored while he was still on bed rest then progressed to playing on the floor with blocks. From the first day I met Garpueh I felt like he needed a little extra love. It is so fun to see him get more talkative and playful as he recovers from his surgery.

He is on B ward where is Auntie who heard about Mercy Ships, has brought him through the whole process from screening to surgery. She faithfully sleeps under his bed on a mattress and even helps feed one of the patients who could not feed herself.

Both of Garpueh's feet were burnt in a fire when he was a baby. He had a contracture release with a skin graft done. Now Garpueh is scooting around the wards on his pint size little crutches.

Today I was working on A ward and the door opened and little Garpueh came crutching in and he said " I miss you so I come and sit with you." So Garpueh sat on one of the beds near the nursing station and he colored and I charted. He is just so darn cute I have to give him a ton of kisses.

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