Adventures in Date Night

It is so funny to me when I look at pictures of us when we were in Tenerife (the Spanish island that the ship was at when we first boarded the ship back in Jan.) and now in Liberia. The first picture is of us at this cute little restaurant that we would go to often. We usually ate outside and enjoyed the peaceful downtown setting, sometimes with nice live music. We either walked there or we got a ride from friends. In Tenerife, we both wore sweaters to keep us warm. My hair was straight and nicely done and I have makeup on. We went out often and always had a lovely time.

The second picture was taken at the Bamboo Bar which is on the 4th floor of one of the only buildings in downtown Monrovia that is not just a bombed-out shell of an old high rise. The restaurant provides a great view of the city. While enjoying a meal, which is always some sort of a surprise, the background noise is taxis honking, people screaming at each other, and music blaring Akon from a wheelbarrow selling music CDs.

Getting there is always an adventure. It is about 3-4 miles away from the ship. I called a guy that has a private car and he usually takes us where we need to go for a reasonable price, unlike the rest of the taxis that love to rip off the "white people". Well, our guy had gotten wind of the great money he could earn by ripping us off. He wanted $17 American dollars to take us and pick us up. For goodness sake, it is only 3-4 miles. SO after arguing with him the whole way there he wouldn't back down so I gave him a small amount of money and told him not to come back and that I will never call him again.

After finally getting to the Bamboo bar my hair is not straight or nicely done (due to the humidity and wind rushing through the open windows of the car), I certainly do not have makeup on ( the idea of mascara running down my face, is not very attractive), but I do have a cute new shirt on (thanks to online Anthro).

Going out in Monrovia can be such a hassle, but going out on a date with my husband (even with all the obstacles and "adventures" that Liberia offers) is so worth it.