Beer Batter and Fish & Chips


We like to think we know how to do Fish & Chips right...and I think we do! (we do it for 400+ in one meal) We have gotten many compliments from the UK crowd (and surrounding area experts) that it was great, and the mushy peas weren't to shabby either. We did, however, run out early this last time...apologies everyone.

You would probably be surprised to know that we use a fairly easy Beer Batter recipe which I will gladly disclose to you ~ Beer Batter ~ Credit to This recipe basically has 5 ingredients that most people have in their home at the basic level.

Possible exceptions you can make to the recipe that we have tried with great success, and some are kind of 'Duh!' moments...

Add hot sauce, cayenne, and/or other spices

We actually successfully replaced the beer with Don 1 Sherry when we were hard pressed and running out of time to acquire beer...worked wonderfully! The hard sherry taste cooked out and left us with beautifully battered and tasty fried fish (no one knew the difference)

Add a splash or two of white vinegar to the batter, can't really explain it to you but it adds kind of a clean, clear, crisp taste to the finished product (best way I can describe it)

Use quality ingredients for batter & beer or beer substitute (and of course if at all possible, *TASTE to make sure!)

Don't forget to do some onion rings for yourself!

Some people have even been beer battering fries/chips for a while now, thats right, beer battered potato fries/chips!!!

Thin the batter down (or not) to do a mock tempura fried vegetables or meats

Beer batter actually does taste nasty before using it to batter and fry something (most of the time) - just in case you were wondering...after it fries properly its wonderful

It was made for frying, please DO NOT TRY to be healthy and bake some items that you beer battered, that is disrespectful!

    And most importantly, have fun! (watch the slideshow in case you have trouble doing that)

    * No actual beer was consumed during the preparation of the beer batter. (some people would say unfortunately)