Busy Body

Its been a busy time here since Friday and we are still waiting on the crane to be fixed before we can haul all the trash out in bulk instead of run it all up 2 or 3 decks to the empty bins on deck 8.

We have acquired a galley person in the salads section, and a 'loaner' from crew services...and from time to time I can talk my old (she's young) friend Tatyana from Brazil into doing a little galley work if she can get a babysitter!  She used to work with me on another ship years ago, but has since become a mother and has more important priorities (no, not her husband, her other child!)

We have come to an end of the pastors conference, and soon to be finished vision trips (although its just temporary till the next one comes)...as the whole crew eats African food for African Night. And later after the dining room is cleaned quickly we refill for another 60 to 75 dinner guests with a church group that came to 'check us out'. They also are have the African Dinner.

What have all these 'African Dinners' consisted of? Besides West African style foods here is a more specific list:

Spicy baked/roasted chicken, with one of the following: peanut sauce, red sauce, palava sauce...

Rice / Jollof Rice

Spicy Black Eye Beans (black eyed peas, red palm oil, local peppers...)

Eggplant (skin, cube, saute with onion, garlic...later add tomato product like sauce, stewed, or past continue to cook)

Fried Plantains

Cassava/Potato Greens

The ward cook had a tasty looking dinner cooked for the patients yesterday made out of diced chicken, pumpkin, and of course a spicy tomato and red palm oil base.

This food is definitely high starch and not low fat...at least by Western standards.