Culinary Challenge pt 2 (extended w/pics)

If you are trying to catch up with exactly whats going on you can click here Culinary Challenge pt 1 , Culinary Challenge pt 2 is a poll so you can vote for the contestants after they prepared their 'Big Meal' for the crew...

Tatyana (without sidekick this time) came in and made sure the cooking team knew what she wanted so when I showed up the team didn't really need me that much (and she took the advice of the judges and toasted and cooked her Almonds into the rice) Tatyana was also able to get her pasta and cabbage dish done in addition the the regular meal she planned.

Mark and Peggy got their yogurt done ahead of time for the sauce (which made Peggy happy because Mark [ahem] had a little accident with the yogurt in pt1) and they managed to make the Pita bread for the I mostly helped get some salads ready while the cooking team helped them execute the rest of the meal.

Our cooking team (which was the same one for both contestants) helped get their meat prepped ahead of time which saved a lot of extra time and work when creating the dinners on Saturday and Sunday.

Here are some pictures from Saturday & Sunday & please remember to cast your vote!