This is Jennifer. She is 13 and came in for an operation on her upper thigh. She has this amazing smile that makes my heart melt every time.

This week I have had her on the days that her bandage needed to be changed. We gathered all our supplies and went to the ICU. We would go there so we could have more privacy, not for her bandage change, but for her concert that was about to start. As I would start to peel off the layers that are stuck to her thigh, she would choose the first song and belt it out. The first time she sang a myriad of Liberian gospel songs but yesterday she decided that it was Christmas Carol Day. So we sang Jingle Bells, We wish you a Merry Christmas, and many others all while I was changing her quite painful dressing.

Jennifer went home right before lunch and when she left she asked me "When I come back to get my plaster (bandage) changed, you come to sing with me?". I said I would try, and she gave me a huge smile and was on her way.