Remember Maggi?

Maggi Brand was started in Switzerland in 1863 and later bought by Nestle of the good ole U.S.A. Most people outside of the United States know more about the international bouillons and sauces of Maggi.

At another time and place I was using a general Maggi sauce (maybe it's the soy or stir fry seasoning one? Which didn’t actually have any soy sauce in it according to the company). We were going thru 5-gallon jugs of it! That was the way it came commercially to us.

If you miss that Maggi sauce taste and just can’t seem to acquire it in your hometown no matter where in the world you may be…I developed a recipe for it when we ran out and we needed a replacement. It goes as follows:

Maggi Sauce Replacement -
50% Soy Sauce
25% Worcestershire Sauce
25% Water

That's it. Of course,

the taste may vary for you if the brands of these items go from good to bad but if you can’t obtain the actual Maggi sauce these items are usually readily available worldwide.