Talking at the speed of light

Yesterday after a very busy day shift, me and 3 other women from the ship walked down the road to the outside of the gate and a taxi was waiting for us. We had called Alfred to come and pick us up in his taxi and take us to an orphanage. Before we even got into the car we had talked about our strategy for not getting ripped off. Last week Alfred said one price for the cab ride then suddenly changed his mind once the ride was over. So once we were almost to the taxi the sky opened up and rainy season began.

We got into the car and said we would pay $6 to take us to the orphanage. He counters with "It is raining, you need to pay me more, I want $7." Of course the 4 of us roar at his ridiculousness. And Jenn brings out her secret weapon... "the ditz card". She says in her very best ditzy voice, "Well, it's not my fault it is raining." Alfred agrees at her captain obvious moment and then says once again $7. Then I say that we are working in his country on his people for free and that is not right to rip us off. Then Sarah says "Didn't I see you on the dock at the eye tent getting your eyes checked?" Then it was over, we all started yelling and he then gave us a fair rate and we then focused on the fact we were suffocating in a hot taxi with all the windows rolled up.

Once we got to the orphanage we walked down a mud path and opened the gate to the court yard and I had a major "This is Africa" moment. There were about 8 little boys butt naked playing soccer in the rain and puddles. We shut the gate and let the boys collect their clothes.

The reason we went to the orphanage is because we are doing a Bible study with 9 of the teenage girls. Once choir practice was over the girls came in and we started our way around the circle. Each person was to read Saint John chapter 2 and say what they liked and we were all supposed to bring one question. These girls are amazing. They really read their assigned chapter and deeply thought about what it means and came with great question. As I was sitting there, I could feel my eyes starting to sting. There is no other place I would have rather been. I have always loved high school girls and to be apart of this study is just incredible.

When something would come up that is a bit controversial they would all start talking at the speed of light with a lot of drama, it was very entertaining. These girls are like sisters, most of them have lived together in the same house since they were little babies.

Please be praying for our group. Please pray that Jenn, Becky, Sarah, and I all get the time off from work each week so we can be consistent. Also pray for all of us that we would be sensitive to God's leading.