The workers are few!

From time to time the kitchen thins out, and I mean thin like stretching.

We have some important guests coming from the states, a pastors conference, and a few other events that will be happening on board in the coming weeks.  And during this time the galley will need to do its daily job feeding the crew and keep up with visitors, special requests, functions, and a few other meals.

This is not so bad, except that right now we have two rotating cooking teams (and thats normal) with only 2 cooks on each one (thats not normal).

This is what the cooking teams 'look' like right now: 1 Team Leader (cook), 1 Cook (or assistant cook), 2 salad prep, 1 baker, and 1 dishwasher...and yes, we are still feeding 400+ (approximately).  And of course I cook and help out where needed.

As Chief Cook (my title right now, it changes to Galley Manager) its my job to run the kitchen and to work with both cooking teams as they are on a rotation (2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off - thats a 2 week schedule) working long days, 10 1/2 to 12 hours and maybe more if there are special events or functions.  These days are long physically and mentally draining  and most of our workers are new to food service(and some are new to working this hard).

The most amazing thing is that these people are volunteers, people who have given their time (crew fees & insurance) to come help the less fortunate.  You know what else?  They will probably never get direct credit for helping out the people we try to serve in these countries and medical situations.  Why not?  Because we are behind the scenes, and thats where some of us are happy to stay...and because we support and build the framework for keeping the body (organizationally and physically) fed!

I don't really know why people would come to do this specifically in food service...dedication, passion, compassion, sympathy, because they can, etc...???  Or maybe their just willing to do it wherever they are placed and can be of help/service to keep the body strong and support in whatever way possible.

Its easier to realize why I do it, this is my background, my passion.  And who wouldn't want to really feel and/or be able to make a difference?

But really its because I'm crazy.  There I said it.  I feel better.