Sometimes I have a hard time making myself focus on the sun-shiny, life is wonderful, praise Jesus I am in West Africa parts of ship life. Sometimes I focus on the annoying things about being on the Africa Mercy. Other times like tonight I have been focusing on the bizarreness.

I have to laugh as I write this at 2 am in the ICU. First let me tell you, it is not the nice peaceful environment that ICUs all over the US and other parts of the world aim for. Our harbor generators are on. It is so loud in here that I have a ear protection on the 5 month old baby I am taking care of, whom sounds like a duck each time he breaths in. But at least he is breathing on his own. Baby Greg (yes, that is his name given by his Liberian Mother (who was informed by one of the nurses that Greg is not an African name, like she did not already know that) and Father, whom is also named Greg) has been in our ICU for the past 4 days, due to having a hard time breathing on his own. He has Cystic Hygroma. He was born with tumor on his neck that just continued to grow larger and larger , filling with lymphatic fluid, and causing Greg difficulty breathing.

Back to the bizarre, I am in Africa right? Well, I think it is kind of bizarre that Greg is bundled with a Bob the Builder blanket. Isn't that kind of weird? Come on! It is kind of out of place don't you think? I have seen construction here in Liberia and none of the workers look anything like "Straight from the suburbs, Bob the Builder". Bob is plastered all over this receiving blanket totting his fancy hammer, wrench, nuts and bolts.

On Wednesday I went to my friend Victoria's house that is being rebuilt after being destroyed by a fire. The neighborhood boys are constructing her house, and I can guarantee you that they are not using any fancy tools that Good ole Bob has in his tool belt.

So to see a Liberian baby named Greg, swaddled in a Bob the builder blanket in the ICU with the Harbor generators so loud that I have my i Tunes music all the way up and it is still barely audible, I chuckle at the bizarreness of it all.