Hamburgers (BULK) The Simple Way

Do you get your ground hamburger or minced beef (Europe) in big round tubes?  Packed in a cardboard box?  Maybe 5 to 10-pound tubes of them frozen solid, or fresh is how they usually come.

First I want to say that YES, if you can mix spices, herbs, or your 'special seasonings/flavors' into your beef, then that is the way to go...A lot of time I do not have this option (I have the option but not the time) so I move on to the next best thing for time, flavor, and mass production at a cheap price instead of paying for pre-patties and wasting a lot of freezer space.

I won't waste a lot of time describing how to do it but rely on my pictures to tell the tale.

If you have a good slicer (commercial or restaurant-grade of course) then set it to the width of the burger you would like, take your defrosted ground burger/minced beef (leaving plastic wrap on), and start slicing your burgers.

Use large cambro's or containers of your choice to layer the hamburger in, we separate our burgers with pre-sized parchment paper that comes in large sheet tray size.  For the first layer of the burger put your seasonings, flavors, etc...down in the bottom of the container.  Then from there just keep applying it to the top of each layer of burgers.  As the weight of the burger and the release of more blood/water happen over a course of time it pushes the flavors down over the rest of the burgers or lends more time for seasoning to dilute and spread. OH!  And of course, remember to pull that plastic ring off of the patty!

We just use that wonderful Worcestershire Sauce on each layer.

Later you can move the burgers to large sheet trays and cook them in the oven OR-AND THIS IS WHAT WE DO, sear them on both sides at a high heat poking them in the center on a flat top grill or brazing pan.  This releases juices fat/blood in the burger so it doesn't swell up and turn into a meatball!!!  Then continue on to layering them on the large sheet pans and finishing them in the oven as slow or as fast as you want to cook them.

The process I wanted to show you here today was more about creating the burger patties quickly with no filler and without wasting money or space by buying pre-made patties.

Pictured here in this post is Ernest from Ghana, one of our Galley Cooking Team Leaders.