I used to do this

Sometimes you have to go back to things that work.

In my early (and lighter) years with my current organization I used to 'religiously' get up early every morning and run. Or walk and run. Then it was on to a shower and reading, journaling, meditation, and/or prayer.

A year at home, a year of enjoying being newly married, and now back on the ship again sure tends to shake up ones 'system' of things.

Now pounds heavier and not feeling fully my 'charismatic' self (of course I have always been a big person per se) I have looked back and realized, that worked!

My wife (not then) and other people used to say, 'man I am glad you get up early and use up some of that energy I couldn't handle you full throttle'. I realized thats what made me full throttle. You are alive and awake, blood has been pumping vigorously for 45 minutes or more. Those chemicals in your body kick in and kind of give you what they call a 'runners high'...then after that shower you feel refreshed and new.

Now don't misinterpret this as saying I love running, I don't particularly do. And actually right now I only half run, half walk my exercise time in the morning. I need to lose a little (fat) weight, gain a little muscle, and work the soreness out of the muscles I already have that have gotten lazy on me. Oh man, breathing and sweating...its quite possible I could set a world record for dehydrating the way I sweat while simultaneously sucking down whole squadrons of bugs while trying to breath or catch my breath.

Don't start getting worried about me, I am only trying to put it in a humorous and dramatic portrayal.

Its hard. Plus its the rainy season here in Liberia. So you really have to discipline yourself to get up and do it no matter what. Drenched in rain, or drenched in sweat, whats the difference? Probably a shorted out ipod shuffle (which I couldn't live without) its hard for me to do activities like this without some good motivational music. But I can switch days around. I am committed to at least 4 days a week, but pushing for 5 all the time. So there is a little room to run/walk on dry or less rainy days as compared to downfalls drenching your every move and running with your ipod shuffle in a ziploc sandwich bag.

But I got to tell ya, I feel so much better. And my energy level (and my level of being a more positive person surprisingly) has increased.

Later down the road schedules, jobs, life will change but hopefully I can find and maintain this type of routine again.