Nasty Taco Sauce

Some people who don't know any better will buy this taco sauce and think, 'Man those Americans eat the nastiest stuff' (because I have only seen this stuff in Europe). This IS NOT anything similar to our Taco Sauce except maybe that it has some tomato product in it. On another ship I worked on they ruined 'Mexican Night' by putting this stuff out. Everyone would come along and heap it up on their delicious nachos, tacos, burritos, enchiladas...or whatever, and then it would just ruin the taste of the dish.
On this ship, we specifically asked for NONE of this, but somehow they managed to squeeze it on our container again. But thankfully it's not that much and we just put it out at mealtimes as a 'condiment' not taco sauce.

Maybe you are thinking, 'What's so bad about it?' well let's just look inside the ingredients list and see...

First, it starts off like a simple syrup, sugar first then water. Then, uh-oh, it looks like we are starting to build a sweet BBQ sauce (vinegar, tomato paste, paprika, salt). And then...what the heck is all this stuff? I can make taco sauce from stewed tomatoes out of a can tastier and with way fewer ingredients than this, and certainly NOT using all those particular ingredients.

What's even funnier is that further down the label it says,

'Pictures do not reflect ingredients of this product'

(emphasis mine).

They seriously need to quit insulting people worldwide by calling it 'taco sauce'.